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A Girl & A Gun 2019 Conference AAR: Part I

This blog post is part of a 3-part series that, together, make up an AAR of the 7th Annual A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League National Conference. Held at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas, April 8—14, 2019, the conference brought together more than 450 AG&AG members and leadership and 40 top-tier instructors… Continue reading A Girl & A Gun 2019 Conference AAR: Part I

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Rangemaster Instructor Certification at KR Training, April 27-29

LINCOLN, TX – Following up on a whirlwind 7 days of training at the A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League National Conference, I spent April 27-29 at KR Training for the 3-Day Rangemaster Instructor Development & Certification Course. This was an intimidating class for me, but I put it on my 2018 goal… Continue reading Rangemaster Instructor Certification at KR Training, April 27-29

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Women’s Shooting League Features Personalized Training Focus

A Girl and A Gun-Temple welcomes new shooters to the League's signature event, Girls' Night Out, at 6 p.m. the first Tuesday of every month at Temple Gun Club. Email agirlandaguntemple@gmail.com for more information, or join the group's Facebook page, Temple TX A Girl and A Gun.

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2 Ways Your Smartphone Can Improve Your Shooting Performance

Use your smartphone to help you improve shooting fundamentals and spot problems before they become bad habits, and you’ll never be without a training partner on the range.

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3 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Shooting

Formal pistol training can get expensive, but here are three ways to improve your shooting that won’t require a second mortgage.

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Prevent Muscle Fatigue and Injury While Training (VIDEO)

Holding your arms out in front of you while shooting a pistol requires lots of muscles working in synchronization, and you need a basic level of fitness to prevent fatigue and injury. We've built a workout for that.