A line of pistol shooters take aim at cardboard targets on a firing range

Train for real life.

Self-defense is a basic human right, and we’re all responsible for our own safety. We’re also tool users, and tools require knowledge and skills to apply effectively. Whatever tools you choose to use, learn when and how to use them to protect yourself and those under the mantle of your protection.

Train with reputable instructors, train often, and most importantly:

Train for real life.


Mindset bar

Many everyday citizens aren’t prepared to face the unthinkable. Protected in their “that won’t ever happen to me” bubble, they go about their daily lives completely unfamiliar with the possibility that they may one day face violence, up close and personal.

With the right focus, education, and visualization, even those people can better prepare themselves to think and act in an emergency. Have a plan for every situation. Being prepared could save your life or the life of someone you love.


Skill bar

Adult humans learn best in a spiral, building a solid foundation, and then building smaller skill sets atop that foundation in a continuous spiral of learning and growth. Once we stop learning, our brains don’t perform well when we need them to the most.

Never stop learning. We’ll give you the resources and connections you need to continue your skill development and keep your brain and body agile.

Measurable growth bar

Learning without measurement can’t be confirmed. Good instructors know that standards and measurements are required to confirm that a student fully grasps a skill or concept.

Objective measurements are part of every subject we instruct and every skill you’ll build. Whether it’s a timed shooting qualification, a foot race, or a race to apply a tourniquet, pressure-test your skills with us before you need them in real life.

Train for real life.

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